What will you do with purpose?

You're here for a reason. You have not made it to this house, on this day, at this moment, without reason It's on purpose. No matter the circumstances that lead you here. Whether transfer, birth right, or walk-in It's on purpose. Your life story will be used to help someone else Someone is watching you … Continue reading What will you do with purpose?

When you’re anticipating God, but He says nothing…Blog #5

While on vacation, I began to study the twenty-third chapter of Luke. This is the familiar story of Jesus being put to trial before His crucifixion. A story that reminds me of the process that one must endure in pursuit of accomplishing God's ultimate purpose for their life...but tonight I paid attention to the verses … Continue reading When you’re anticipating God, but He says nothing…Blog #5

LET’S REST…Blog #4

Yesterday was a day of combinations. A day where my emotions were sporadic, my thoughts were racing, the attacks/temptations were great and I was feeling overwhelmed. If you have never had one of these days, this is the moment where you should stop reading! OVER-STIMULATED Truth is, in that moment I wasn't interested in encouraging words or some great revelation. I … Continue reading LET’S REST…Blog #4